Let us take you through the journey of Gudgore Industries.

About us

Welcome to Godgore

Godgore is one of the most legendary sports equipment manufacturing companies in Pakistan. With its products used in different parts of the world, Godgore is the sole Asian company spread all over the world. With its experience in OEM manufacturing and its brand, Godgore has served the martial arts industry for more than 60 years, and the journey of success continues. Working with the largest brands in martial arts and boxing equipment, it has the honor of being a supplier of sports equipment at the Olympic Games and World Championships. Keeping in view the needs of modern-day athletes. Godgore has been innovative in this regard, introducing new designs and models in the sports industry. The provision of quality equipment is the main priority of the company, the products are ISO-9002 and CE-approved. Under the supervision of highly educated technicians and managerial staff, Godgore is moving up and up, ignoring every aspect of the current situation in the recession.

Our Core Values: Igniting the Spirit of Productional Excellence






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Continuous Improvement




Environmental Responsibility

Community Engagement

Our Vision

To Excel In This Field And Become The Leading Manufacturer.

Our Goal

Provide The Best Sports Wear And Gear To People With A Sportive Lifestyle.



Godgore was Founded by Mr.  Muhammad Raiz in 1986 with a vision to provide world-class quality  products at competitive prices. His efforts have paid off and today  is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service all around the globe.





Our Journey

First Step
Chowdry Sports

Back in 1900 A.D , Chowdry Muhammad Din, entered into the field of manufacturing sports goods when he was only 25. In his youth, he was considered one of the best artisian of tennis and Badminton goods. He started a company named CHOWDHRY Sports. The company gained success shortly after its birth due to his restless hardworking and proficiency. He had been recognized in business community as CHOWDHRY SPORTS for a long time.

Change Of Name
Torpedo Sports

Afterwards he changed his company’s name CHOWDRY SPORTS to TORPEDO SPORTS. This all was done after CHOWDHRY SPORTS had grown up into a grand business empire. So in this manner TORPEDO SPORTS was born. The name was considered a symbol of quality and set up new standards and peculiar trends in the business community. In those times when British Government was running the region as India was not liberated, despite all these, the British Rulers had great respect for skilled personalities and encouraged industry of every sort. Every sort of material was imported from United Kingdom and only was the Sialkot that exported its products to UK and Europe. Only Exporters of Sialkot had the exaltation for export.

Clients started loving our products because of our high quality

Our clients sold out our products with their own brand names without our brand identity. In fact we were not involved directly into export and due to our high standard products other exporters gained great response from UK and Europe. They earned everything by selling our products. In the meanwhile our company was getting into the heights of progress gaining by leaps and bounds. We got a number of skilled labor in our production unit and they too were involved in business community due to their workmanship.

Something Different
Manufacturing Cricket and Hocket Balls

Started manufacturing Cricket and Hockey balls in his factory shortly before PAKISTAN came into being. We got the same response in these fields too regarding quality and quantity. In 1947 PAKISTAN came into being and Sialkot was declared as a part of PAKISTAN and export began to grow rapidly.

Godgore Industries

We were producing Tennis, Badminton, Cricket and Hockey balls. Suddenly conditions reversed rapidly. Japan had invented automatic machinery for producing Tennis and Badminton products and was developing cheap and beautiful stuff, due to which we had to leave this field. So we stopped doing wooden work. Was interested in Leather products too which led me to Football making. As we had a tradition to produce high standard products, we achieved the same response in this field too and gained extreme popularity. Now my next generation was preparing to adopt the export in Martial Arts after they were free from studies. My sons were giving full concentration and attention to Martial Arts products. In fact I had one more unit of producing Martial Arts products in my premises which I gave the name of GODGORE INDUSRIES.

Martial Arts and Boxing

Now it was time to completely and professionally get into the field of Martial Arts because I examined my sons were having keen interest in this department. I supported and encouraged my sons from every aspect so that they could do as their forefathers did. I realized that to improve the business and to make new relations all over the world, the company needed new blood and dimensions so stopped working on Cricket and Hockey balls as well as Hockey sticks.

After doing so they paid full concentration to manufacturing of Martial Arts products and Football and now they are making endless efforts to reach the heights of success. I have retired now but still watching my sons working hard and enthusiastically which makes me satisfied, they are tracking their forefather's path and doing things in the same manners as we did but with new enthusiasm and by the grace of God they are constantly building new relations in the business world throughout the planet I remember my childhood when watch my grandsons watching the hardworking labour of my factory Before closing wish to advise my forthcoming generations to work hard with devotion by following the traditions of their ancestors and contribute to the progress of my family and the country